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1273 West County Road E, Arden Hills, MN 55112

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Scotch Doubles!

Mixed Bowling Event : Last Saturday of the Month @ 4pm • Check-in @ 3:30pm. Food and Drink Specials!

The Best in League Bowling

Our league bowlers deserve the best and that's what we deliver at Flaherty's.  We work to provide the best in center conditions, customer service, delicious food and don't forget our weekly league specials!

Filling out a league interest form is easy! We recommend following these 3 steps:

  1. ​Take a look at what we have to offer on each day and night by opening our GENERAL LEAGUE LIST HERE >
  2. Decide whether you would like to bowl in a Fall/Winter League, Midseason League, or Spring/Summer League
  3.  Click on the respective buttons to fill out the league Interest Form


You can always call us as well at 651-633-1777 or email at

2016-2017 Honor Scores


Tom Jones

Michael Upton

Brian Long

Mike Brunner

Warren Crumpler

Steve Puffer 

Jordan Kieger

Tom Havlish

Mike Mingo

Same Weber

Tom Berken

Tim Schmitz

Robert Keller

Earl Letourneau

Dan Lahlum

Dave Matter

Rick Henk

Steve Meindl



Pat Fournelle

Rob Higganbothan


Mike Brunner (817)

Aaron Schroeder (812)

Paul Bjerke (810)

Jesse Brunner (804)

Matt Ricks (800)

Russ White (799)

Kevin Kinsler (794)

Tom Jones (791)

​Mike Sticha (789)

​Bob Newbauer (782)

​Brian Long (780)

Bill Vitt (773)

​Clark Poelzer (771)

​Sam Weber (770)

Mike Vedder (763)

​Jeremy Johnson (763)

​Tim Moore (762)

​Lewis Johnson (760)

​Mike Arel (759)

​Aaron Schroeder (758)

​John Todd (757)

Tom Havlish (756)

David Eder (755)

​Craig Oliver (755)

​Ed Hutson (753)

Kyle Joseph (753)

​Dave Matter (753)

Tyler Huntington (752)

​Dave Langer (752)

​Frankie Jacobson (751)

Bill Robinson (751)

Leagues / Tourneys


There are leagues for ALL ages!

Looking for Junior Leagues? Click below

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